Woodland Yarn Bombing


A while ago, through Twitter, the lovely Anne Clark asked me if I’d be interested in helping out with a yarn bombing in Belper, which is in the county of Derbyshire. Of course I said yes (complete no brainer!!).

The yarn bombing was for ‘Woollen Woods’ and was part of Corridor Arts ‘Here and There’ art walk and also Belper Arts festival.

I got so excited about the project and downloaded loads of patterns from Ravelry, and then in the end only managed to knit the two birds above, which was a bit disappointing. Still, I’m REALLY glad I got involved, and it was actually really lovely to think that something I had knitted was hanging in woods in Belper!Birds in The Woods

Here is a picture of my birds in the woods, kindly taken by Anne! The pattern I used is a free from Ravelry called ‘Bluebird of Happiness‘, and is designed by Sara Elizabeth Kellner! It’s knitted on DPNs and was REALLY easy to knit! The only bit I struggled with was getting the picked up stitches to align with the already knitted stitches, which I realised I’d previously been doing wrong! I found a fab post that helped me and I’ll be blogging about that, hopefully next week!

After the installation was taken down, some of the knitted items were kept to go on show in Ripley for a weekend in July and will then be travelling to the Just So Festival in Cheshire in August to join other knitted things from Woollen Woods!

To have a nose at some of the creations, check out this video by Ablewild entitled ‘Belper Woollen Woods 2015’!

I hope you like the birds! Please share any yarn bombing you’ve been doing, I’d love to see them!!

P.s. do you recognise the wool?? It’s the pink wool left over from the Christmas jumper, also used to knit a boob beanie! I WILL use up my stash!!

Yarn Bombing


Love this article in Harpers Bazaar about yarn bombing. The Knitted Jumper was at Warehouse Oxford Street to witness the cute little hats for the model sheep with purpose built holes for their ears! We suggested such a hat for Mr E, but along with woolly pants the idea was vetoed!!

We expect to hear a lot more about this new knitted form of graffiti in mainstream media, and you can expect to hear more from us too, as this has very much caught our eye!!