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    Crafty Wool Gift

    Just under two years ago, we left London and moved back to our home town of Derby. It’s been the best move ever, but I was sad to leave behind my friends in London and also the work Craft Club, where I’d learnt to knit and had completed lots of really fun projects and learnt new skills!

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    New Yarn!

    Earlier this month I blogged about some vintage patterns I’d found. I’m really keen on making the Robin jumper, so even though I already have two projects on the go I’ve started looking for yarn (one of the projects is almost finished so I think this is actually OK!!). I want to knit the jumper in a cotton yarn and was thinking about a cotton blend. I know pastels are all the trend this season, but they’re not really for me so I’ve been thinking about doing it in off-white instead. I was hunting around the Internet looking for potentials when I spotted this new cotton and silk blend yarn…

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    Wooo! I was so excited for The Knitting and Stitching Show 2014. Not only because its awesome, but also because this year I was taking mum and was thoroughly looking forward to spending the time with her! My experiences from last year had taught me to be prepared with a list, but I still felt completely daunted when we walked in the door and had to do some serious ma herding to get her to stick to the ‘up and down the aisles’ plan! With a stop in the middle for lunch we were there for 6 hours and by the end I was seriously flagging. I loved that mum…

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    Knitted Jumper #1

    Last October I had my first taste of the Knitting and Stitching show at Ally Pally in London and I loved it! So many amazing exhibitors and products, had it not been so busy I would have been tempted to run from stall to stall buying everything I could see in a complete woollen frenzy!! Thankfully for everyone else at the show, due to the amount of other craft lovers there running was simply not an option and so I was forced to calmly walk around the show and sensibly assess whether I wanted to buy things or not, where’s the fun in that!! My sole purchase from the day…

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    Gotta ‘Lova’ That Yarn

    The Knitted Jumper and Co were at the 2013 Knitting and Stitching show at Ally Pally, London on Saturday and we loved it! All that yarn and fabric in the same place, amazing! It also gave us chance to get hands on with some of our favourite yarns, such as Drops and Rowan, and also to find some new ones, such as Schachenmayr Lova. This chunky, acrylic/wool blend yarn is bang on trend with its neon spots and I can’t wait to get it on my needles. If you go along to the Schachenmayr website they have loads of free patterns including this ladies cowl and on the Stitch, Craft,…