Christmas Jumper, Yey!

A while ago I blogged about some patterns I had found in a charity shop (Charity Shop Pattern Finds). One of these was a set of Raymond Briggs Santa patterns. These caught the eye of J, and a request was made for me to knit a face-palming Santa in time for Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day.

Ally Pally Haul

I bought the wool (Bonus DK) from the Sirdar stall at the Ally Pally Knitting and Stitching Show. The staff at the Sirdar stall were REALLY lovely and helped me select the best colours for the patterns, which I really appreciated, as I was feeling a little overwhelmed after a day at the show! I wouldn’t normally choose pure acrylic yarn to knit with, but I was really impressed with how soft it was, and how well it knitted up. When I wore it to work before Christmas, I was also impressed (and surprised!) with how warm it was, and it wasn’t sweaty at all!

I had done a really small piece of colour work before and at that time had researched how to change colours etc, but I’d never worked from a chart, and as the yarn was DK and with the deadline of Christmas Jumper Day on the 12th, I knew I had to get a wriggle on so started straight away (literally that night when we got back from the show! I’m such an addict!!)! Part way through I did a brief calculation on how long it would take me to knit the jumper, and realised I needed to increase production, so ended up knitting on my commute to and from work. I was dreading this in case it prompted awkward conversation, but apart from a briefly embarrassing episode when I had to rush off the train to catch my stop and then almost got my trailing ball of wool stuck in the doors (fastest way to rip knitting??) my knitting commute was without comment, phew!

I was fairly pleased with the progress of the pattern, but I noticed a definite decrease in speed as the number of coloured sections increased. The pattern gave the advice that each different section should have a new strand of yarn, and I wish I’d stuck to that more rigidly. For some areas, such as around the ear, I tried to ‘borrow’ a black strand from a different section, which didn’t really work, and ended up with the fabric looking puckered. I noticed a similar effect around the cheek bone. I don’t think its too noticeable to the untrained eye, but I wont be making that mistake again!

Rolled Neck BandFor the neck band the pattern instructed to knit about 3 inches and then fold it down to the inside of the jumper and sew to the edge of the neck band. I wasn’t too sure about this, but one of the lovely ladies from the crafty group at work advised that she had finished an item in a similar way and that it looked really good, so I decided to persevere, and I’m so glad I did!! It looks fab, and it made the neck a bit smaller, as it was quite large without this! I tied in the ends as I went along, which I don’t normally do, but in this case I felt it was a necessity! I didn’t think I could have coped with tying them all in at the end!

Overall I’m really pleased with the jumper and I’ve learnt some really valuable lessons, not least of which was working form a chart!! My lessons learnt were:

  • Always add new strands for new sections, regardless of how tedious tying in all the ends might seem!
  • Never carry strands across more than 4 or five stitches.
  • Routinely count how many stitches you have in each section and don’t just rely on the number of stitches around them! Ripping colour work is annoying and I don’t want to have to do it again!
  • ALWAYS check the finished sizes before committing to a pattern size!

I have mentioned this last point sooo many times and I never seem to learn! The jumper has ended up way too big. In part this is due to the 90’s styling and batwing sleeves, but it is also because I picked the wrong size to knit. I’m very slowly beginning to understand how important sizing is to the finished look of a garment. This probably seems very obvious, but for some reason its taken a while to sink in!

Anyway, I hope you like it as much as I do! Happy knitting!!!

2015 Knitting Agenda

Hello! And Happy 2015!!

I feel very inspired at the moment and can’t wait to see what lovely knitting this year has in store!

2014 was a brilliant year for knitting here at The Knitted Jumper! I’m hoping to blog about some of the latest things in the coming weeks as I am SERIOUSLY behind, but in the meantime here is a summary:

  • Knitted animal hats (Les chapeaux des animaux)
  • Christmas jumpers
  • Winter woollies
  • Little hats for the Big Knit campaign
  • A small *read ill-fitting* jumper
  • Knitted secret Santa and
  • The Knitting and Stitching show, to name just a few!

I have some equally  exciting things planned for 2015, a few of which are on the On The Needles In The Pipeline page. At the moment I am one mitten through knitting some houndstooth mittens. I am quite excited about these as AHoundstooth Mitten. I love houndstooth, b. this is kind of my own pattern and c. I am making them using my stash (hurrah!!).

I am also going to be knitting a baby shawl/blanket for my friend. I have found a gorgeous 1930’s pattern on The Vintage Knitting Lady website and am hoping to knit this in a lovely bright colour. This will be my first attempt at lace so I’m very excited!

Giraffe Crochet Kit

I also got given this lovely crochet kit by J’s sister. I think this was a ‘please can you make this for my daughter’ present, but as I eventually would like to crochet some of Edward’s Menagerie I think this is a great place to start!

Dashing Dachshund Kit

One of my favourite gifts this Christmas was this amazing Dashing Dachshund knit kit from Baa Ram Ewe. I can’t wait to start knitting this cute pooch, I just hope I do him justice!

This will hopefully just be the beginning of my woolly adventures for 2015! If this is the start I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds! I hope you all of lots of lovely knitting in-store for 2015! I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished projects!!

Very Cute Knitted Animals

Look at this gorgeous penguin knitting pattern, its sooooo cute!!

He’s called Hopkins and its a pattern by Amanda Berry, which can be found on the Love Knitting website.

Hopkins The Penguin
Hopkins The Penguin


I decided to check out Amanda’s website for her other patterns and there are loads to choose from!

Stripes The Penguin reminds me of a Wallace and Gromit character!

Amanda also has a set of brilliant Christmas themed toys including this awesome robin Christmas tree decoration and Rene The Reindeer, LOVE!

The patterns can also be purchased from Amanda’s website, which is where I copied the photos from!



Festive Tidings


Merry Christmas and a Happy New year (almost!) from The Knitted Jumper

Whilst on the surface its seemed very quiet here at Knitting Jumper HQ, behind the scenes its been a hub of knitting activity. I have tried my hand at knitting in the round completing my first two hats, I FINALLY finished the cardigan, have made a good start on a new jumper and have my next two projects already planned out, phew!

Charity Christmas Trees
These Christmas trees were knitted for a charity market, but no-one bought them!! This worked in my favour though as now I have them as part of my decorations!

I’m looking forward to seeing all your projects in the New Year, and sharing mine with you! Have a lovely  New Year and have a vino for me!