Charity Shop Pattern Finds #2

Soooo I’ve been at it again (searching charity shops for awesome knitting patterns that is!) and this time I think I’ve found some real gems!

You may remember my previous post Charity Shop Pattern Finds, where I found Spot the Dog patterns, a lovely crocheted dress and patterns for Father Christmas jumpers, the latter of which I actually managed to make for J this Christmas!

How is it possible to top such delights, I hear you ask? Well I’m pleased to say it is possible with these amazing vintage patterns I managed to dig out!

The styling alone on these patterns makes me gloriously happy (especially the dapper gent in Patons Capstan!!), and I think its an interesting insight into the cycle of fashion trends! I’ve seen some jumpers recently which are very similar to the Robin jumper, and I have already added this to my ‘in the pipeline‘ page (although I think I will opt for a DK instead of a 4ply, and will probably make it slightly oversized with a larger neck)!

I love each of these patterns, and can see me making mittens, an Aran cardi and the mohair jacket (although maybe not in mohair as it drives me crazy!) in the very near future!

I hope you like them too! I’d love to see your vintage pattern finds, it’s really exciting to know what’s out there!

Have a great break, I hope the Easter bunny leaves plenty of chocolate treats!

First Scarf

For my second attempt at knitting I decided to be a bit more adventurous
and knit my friend's boy a scarf.
I decided on Rico Essential Merino Aran for the wool in navy, 
tangerine and burgundy, and I knitted the scarf using my favourite 
Addi aluminium 5mm needles.

Completely unintentionally the scarf ended up being slightly 
Hogwarts-eque, which is no surprise seeing as I am a HUGE fan!
I was really pleased with the end results, and more importantly my 
friend and her boy love it! My favourite moment was when I saw them 
last. When his mum asked him who knitted him the scarf, two year old M 
smiled shyly and said Ju Ju, AAAHHHHH!!! It made all the tense moments 
trying to recover dropped stitches completely worth it!

First Scarf