On The Needles and In The Pipeline

On The Needles

  1. Baa Ram Ewe Dashing Dachshund Kit

Needles – HiyaHiya 2mm Bamboo DPNs (PS. LOVE this brand!)

Yarn – Baa Ram Ewe Titus, in various colours, as per the kit


2. Bobble Hat – Own Pattern

Needles – KnitPro Circular Needles 4mm & 3.5mm

Yarn – West Yorkshire Spinners Blue Faced Leicester DK in Ecru and Light Brown

(LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn! More to come later, when my PomPom maker finally turns up and I can complete the project….).


3. A Walk In The Woods Cross Stitch Kit

In The Pipeline

1.MITTENS! Not sure which ones yet. I bought a kit at The Knitting and Stitching show a couple of years ago so might start with those!

Needles – TBC

Yarn – TBC


2. Various Winter Accessories

I’m really struggling to decide on what I want to knit, THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH!!!! I want to use up some wool though so will concentrate on that.


3. Paloma Cardigan

Needles – tbc

Yarn – I think I’ve gone full circle with this and have gone back to Drop Paris in Raspberry. (At some point I will knit this. I keep looking at other cardigans and always come back to this!).



4. Barry the Knitted Seagull

A lovely knitted seagull from smallseagull

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