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Hot Knits #2 Toft Knitted Hat Kits

Hello! And welcome to Hot Knits #2 Toft Knitted Hat Kits! For this month’s Hot Knit, I have chosen these gorgeous knitted hat kits from Toft.

Since having a baby and finding that my time and mental resources are now seriously limited, I have discovered a real love of knit kits, they’re just so simple! Find a pattern you like, choose the colourway and BAM you’re done!

I normally love agonising over the yarn for a pattern, checking the suitability, choosing the colour etc. But when I’m feeling tired and I’m limited for time, I just want to knit and knit kits are a brilliant way to do this.

I’ve loved Toft since seeing their crocheted animals at the Knitting and Stitching Show, back in 2013. I also knitted the Abergeldie Lace Cardigan from their Quarterly Magazine from 2016.

Whilst recently stalking their website, looking at the latest Quarterly magazine, I found these gorgeous knitted hat kits and was totally hooked!

A photo showing 12 knitted hats, mainly in monochrome colours
Photo is a screenshot from the Toft website

There are LOADS of styles to choose from, the photo above is a small selection and you can also change the colour way for each hat, which I think is fab!

I literally change my mind about which is my favourite each time I look at them. I’m currently loving the Linhay Hat, and would maybe choose this in the camel and cream colourway with a stone pom pom.

A photo of a black and white knitted hat with triangle patterns and a silver fur pompom
Photo taken from Toft website.

I currently have three hat WIPS waiting, but once I’ve done those I’m definitely going to be investing in one of these! Plus one may end up on my Christmas list!

*Feature photo taken from Toft website

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