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Little Songbird Knitting Co. Cellular Blanket

Sorry for the radio silence, but… I’ve had a baby! Baby ‘I’ was born in July weighing a healthy 7.11lbs! She was 1 week late, and is completely beautiful. I’ve been getting to grips with being a mummy and don’t seem to have time for much else, hence why there has been no post for the last 7 months!

Whilst I was pregnant I didn’t knit too much for the baby, as I had been told that babies sleep all of the time so I thought I’d be able to spend this time knitting. And baby I did sleep a lot, but only on me, which didn’t leave many hands free! Luckily, whilst I was pregnant I had managed to knit the lovely Little Songbird Knitting Company Cellular Blanket.

Lace and Ribbing

The Little Songbird Knitting Company are based in Kent and have some really cute knitting patterns, mainly for babies. I really like that you can buy the patterns individually and also that they are available as PDF.

I had originally intended this blanket for the cot, but the holes were a little too big and her fingers and toes went through the holes, so instead we use it as a car seat blanket, which is perfect as she doesn’t get too hot in the car.

Blanket and Car Seat

My mum has knit the baby a beautiful blanket already, which I will write about in a later post, but this was knit from wool and will be super warm, so I wanted to knit something in cotton that would be suitable for the summer months. I had originally looked at buying something, but the colours were all very pale and also obviously I’m a knitter so why wouldn’t I knit one!

Blanket and Pram

I looked at lots of different cotton yarn and in the end decided on Cascade Ultra Prima in Chartreuse (3746). I LOVE the colour, and it’s completely different from most other baby blankets you can buy. It also goes really well with our Cossatto Fjord car seat and pram! Usually I hate knitting with cotton, but this was lovely and I would definitely recommend it.

The Cellular Blanket pattern is really easy to knit. I especially like the cheats ribbing, which suited my pregnancy addled brain. I cast on more stitches than the pattern suggested to make it bigger, which has worked out perfectly for us. I kept the ribbing the same though and just extended the width of the blanket.

Baby I and Blanket

Thanks for reading! I have lots of half finished blog posts waiting, so hopefully this post about the cellular blanket will kickstart more regular posts from me again!

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