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June WIPS 2018

Wow what a scorcher this summer has been so far! I could blame that on my June WIPS post actually being written in July, but the truth is I just forgot!

WIPS for this month have been quite exciting! I finished the Little Song Bird Cellular Blanket and I’m REALLY happy with it. I just need to block it out and then I’ll be writing a post about it, so I’m saving the main photos for that. In the meantime though, here is a teaser photo with some contrasting nail varnish!

I also finished a sewing project, which will be another post (SORRY!). So here is a preview of the fabric I used!

Things at the allotment have been a bit slow this month. The ground is very dry and we haven’t been able to get there to water as often as we should.

We did however, harvest our first lot of blackcurrants and raspberries which is exciting. I’m hoping to make some blackcurrant jam tomorrow, so I’ll keep you updated about how that goes!

Now that the blanket is finished, I’ve picked up my Ollie Elephant again, as talked about in my April WIPS post, so hopefully in the July WIPS post I’ll be able to show you a finished elephant!

Take care, and stay well hydrated in the sun!

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