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May WIPS 2018

Hello from the UK, where we are at the end of our glorious May bank holiday, just in time for me to introduce my May WIPS!

It’s been like living abroad here these last few weeks. I even left the house yesterday without a jumper, coat or umbrella (a thing you don’t normally do in the UK!). It did briefly rain though (of course!), but I didn’t mind because it only lasted for about 10 minutes and was nice again afterwards!

As promised, here is the second instalment of my WIPs posts. I know, I can’t believe that I’ve managed a second one either! It must be the nice weather!

I’ve put Ollie the elephant aside for the time being, and have started a Cellular Pram Blanket pattern from The Little Songbird Knitting Company. I love knitting the elephant, but I needed something repetitive to knit and this seemed like a really good option!

May WIPS Cellular Blanket Chartreuse

I chose Cascade Prima cotton DK in chartreuse for the yarn, bought from Wool Warehouse and I love it! The colour is really bright (and green) and is so soft! The pattern is really nice too, although with my tension I’m not sure if the holes are a bit big for a baby blanket, we’ll have to see!

It’s not all knitting for my May WIPs updates, I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden this weekend too and also some time at the allotment.

I’m not going to do an allotment WIPs photo, as it looks quite barren, weedy and a bit rubbish at the moment, but we have a plan! We’re going to focus on the beds where we have things growing, and cover the remaining beds for now, until more rotten horse manure gets delivered to the site, and we can start to give the soil the enrichment it needs!

May WIPS Cosmos Seedlings

I am however, attempting to grow lots of flowers and some veg to go in the allotment. Above is a tray of cosmos and what I think are purple spouting broccoli and courgette.

May WIPS Various Sunflower Seedlings

These are a tray of various types of sunflowers with a couple of sweet peas. The slugs LOVE the sunflower seedlings, and I must have lost about six already. I’ve brought on board the heavy duty copper slug tape though, plus after last nights thunders storms I saw a massive toad in the garden, so I’m hoping he’s eaten a lot of them!

My mum also gave me some runner bean plants and I’m hoping we’re going to have some brussel sprouts to go in too, if they ever get big enough!

I’ll leave you here with a picture of a lovely lupin I planted about a month ago. So happy with it! I’ve had a lot of disasters with perennial plants, so fingers crossed this one lasts!

May WIPS pink lupins in the garden

Hope you’ve had a fab bank holiday! I’d love to see your May WIPs so get in touch on Instagram or Twitter!

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