Wooden Buttons and Cardigan
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New Buttons From Textile Garden

Happy bank holiday Monday! Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend in this glorious sunshine! I thought I’d take a break from taming the jungle that is our garden to share with you some amazing buttons from Textile Garden I bought for some knitting I recently completed.

At the end of last year, I knitted a Toft Abergeldie cardigan, which I love, but have never actually bought buttons for. This is partly because I’m rubbish, but also partly because I was daunted by the wide range of buttons available and wasn’t sure what to buy.

I’ve seen lots of posts on Instagram of lovely handmade knitted items with fab buttons and all seem to be buttons from Textile Garden, so I thought I’d have a look and I’m so glad I did!

I immediately fell in love with these tiny coconut shell pig buttons and also these lovely dog buttons too!

Textile Garden Pig and Dog Buttons

These buttons are for an upcoming project (more about that in another post!), but they didn’t help me with the buttons for my cardigan.

So I kept on looking and finally found these beauties!

Textile Garden Wooden Buttons

I thought they’d go really well with the lace design on the back of the cardigan and I think I was right, I hope you agree!

Wooden Buttons and Cardigan

The next thing I needed to do was work out how to sew buttons onto a knitted garment, as slightly unbelievably I’ve not done that before! I found this fab article by the Tricksy Knitter aka Megan Goodacre, and once I’d dug out the original yarn I was good to go.

These are the buttons sewn on!

Yellow Cardigan With Wooden Buttons

I really love them and it looks like they’ve been part of the cardigan forever!

I hope you like it too, and if you have any buttons from Textile Garden to share I’d love to see them!

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