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Hello! Hope everyone is OK and not suffering from this cold weather too much! It’s making me feel very grumpy at the moment and really frustrated as I want to get out in the garden and do things! To cheer myself up until the spring arrives I thought I would write a post about my allotment seed purchases! I’m soooo excited to get going and can’t wait for the weather to get better so we can start planting!

There is one upside to this weather though, I am getting to wear all of my lovely winter knits for much longer periods than normal and recently discovered that the wool wash on our washing machine is amazing and treats my hand knitted items very well! It’s the small things right?

Anyway, less moaning about the weather and more about the allotment seed.

First up are the vegetable seeds. Whilst we have grown veg before, we’ve never had an allotment so I wanted to pick vegetables that are fairly easy to grow and also fairly low maintenance. It would have been nice to grow some kind of pea or bean, but having to pick them kind of put me off, LAZY!


I chose the brussells, butternut squash and cauliflower because I’m really excited about seeing them grow and picking them, and everything else because we eat quite a bit of them and it would be good to try and grow them so we have a steady supply.

I need to buy purple spouting broccoli and also courgette seeds, because I forgot to add them to this order, and hopefully being delivered over the next month we should have asparagus crowns, white onion, red onion, shallots (for making pickled onions!!!!), garlic and strawberry plants.

Next up are the herbs. These aren’t actually for the allotment, but for the little herb garden in our back garden. I tried to grow some of these herbs last year, but the pesky slugs ate them all, so this year I need to implement a better anti-slug policy! I also bought some propagators to start off some of the vegetable seeds so I might use these to grow some of the herbs and see if I get more luck than just growing them straight in the bed. If I am unsuccessful at growing them in the garden again, I might try at the allotment, but I like the idea of picking them as we need them, but obviously I can’t do that if they’re in the allotment!


Next up and possibly my favourite, the flowers! The foxgloves and also the nasturtiums are for the garden to go underneath the apple tress as apparently these are good companion plants to help deter coddling moths, which we got loads of last year.

I’m so excited about the summer sizzler sweet peas which are for the garden! I’m hoping they’re as pretty in real life as they look on the packet! 😀 Everything else is for the allotment and I chose them for their prettiness, their ability to attract wildlife and also their easiness to grow!


And that’s it! EXCITING! I’m sure I’ll buy more along the way, but hopefully this will be enough to get the allotment going and to provide us with some tasty fruit and pretty flowers during the year! Yey!

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