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New Year New Knits..Kind Of

I can’t believe it’s February already! Where did January go?
Happy New Year to everyone, sorry that is so late! So far 2018 is already looking to be a good year!
In our most recent exciting news, we have an allotment! We got it in January and I love it already! We were really lucky because the gentleman who had it before us left it all turned over and in a really good condition, so all we need to do is some weeding, planting and semi-structural work like building some raised beds. It even has a shed!

I have bought the majority of seeds, and fruit and vegetable plants that we want to put in the allotment, and we have some weed resistant membrane coming this week to put on the paths and over the beds until we’re ready to plant. I’ll definitely be blogging more about my allotment, as there seems to be much more happening with that than there does knitting!
Regarding the very quiet knitting from I have started knitting my Asklov hat from Pom Pom issue 18. I started this just after Christmas and I’m still on the hat band!! The twisted ribbing is really slowing me down, and I can’t wait to get to the main body of the hat, where it will be just knit stitches and colour work.
One knitting project I did manage to complete was this fab cat scarf I knitted for my niece as a Christmas present. I left it VERY close, I think I actually finished it and blocked it out on Christmas eve, but I really love it and apparently she does too so I’m considering it a huge success.
It really enjoyed knitting this pattern, and there will hopefully be a blog post about it soon!
I hope 2018 is treating you all well so far, and I will try and be less rubbish at writing new posts!
Bye for now!


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