Toft Abergeldie Lace Cardigan - From The Back
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Toft Abergeldie Lace Cardigan

I first saw this Toft Abergeldie Lace Cardigan cardigan on the cover of the Toft Quarterly Winter 2016 magazine and immediately loved it. I’ve eyed up a few lace back cardigans in the past, but I liked this as the lace wasn’t too fussy and different from most lace I have seen.

After A LOT of online yarn stalking, I decided to use Drops Merino Extra Fine (DK) in mustard, because I love Drops’ yarns, I love merino and I also love mustard! I have been longing after a mustard cardi for a while and this seemed like the perfect project.

The cardigan is knit on circular needles from the top down and the sleeves are picked up and knitted in the round. The button bands, hem and cuffs are knit using a twisted rib which is really pretty and gives a lovely definition.

Toft Abergeldie Lace Cardigan - The Yarn

As is always the case when I knit lace, it took me about a million attempts before I got the lace pattern right, and I had to revert back to using my trusty dental tape life lines to get me through.

There was also a misprint in the pattern on the underarm section, but this was quickly sorted out with an email to Toft.

I purposely kept the sleeve length quite short as I love a three-quarter sleeve and one of my pet hates is sleeves that are too long which get in the way of everything.

Overall the pattern was really easy to follow and knit and I’m really happy with it. I think it might have been better if I’d used a slightly stiffer yarn as the cardigan doesn’t really keep its shape around the neck. This could also be because the neck is slightly too big. I am usually a size 12 and knit the 12-14 and as you can see from the picture the neck is quite large and when I’m wearing it the front flops around a lot.

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Toft Abergeldie Lace Cardigan - View From The Back

Still I absolutely love it though and am tempted to knit another, maybe in black.

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