A partially knitted red butterfly, still on a metal knitting needle with a grey body.
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Designing Butterflies

In under a months time I’ll be yarn bombing a tree as part of the local arts trail, EEEEK!

The theme for the yarn bombing is Winged Things. I’ve asked friends and family to get involved and as the theme is quite broad I’ve left it up to each person to decide what they want to create.

There have been some amazing creations and I love seeing everyone’s ideas and amazing creative talents!

I keep coming wanting to create butterflies, which is slightly strange as  I’m not usually drawn to them, so rather than try to fight it I’ve decided to craft butterflies for my tree.


Whilst it is a yarn bombing, we don’t have to knit everything and can use lots of different types of media, which has made things much easier, cheaper and quicker! As I am a knitter though, I wanted to make sure I stay true to my obsession passion and knit plenty of winged things to go on the tree.

After having a really good look online I couldn’t find any knitted butterfly patterns that fit my purpose, so just to make things more tricky I’ve decided to try and design my own, double eeek!!!

Firstly, the hardest thing I found was coming up with a shape for that design that was close to that of an actual butterfly, and not what I think it should be.This was my first attempt, and after that I decided to do some Google research and actually get a shape on paper which I could then try and recreate!


These are my initial drawings. I was happy with the drawing on the left so decided to use that as my template!
A partially knitted butterfly in brick red wool.

This was then my second go. It’s definitely getting better, but this looks more like a bat rather than a butterfly!
Pencil drawings on lined paper of a butterfly

So I went back to the drawing board again and after many failed attempts this is now my most recent and I think best attempt!
A partially knitted red butterfly

A partially knitted red butterfly, still on a metal knitting needle with a grey body.
I’ll be finishing this butterfly and adding him to the tree in two weeks time, but there are also lots of improvements I can make and I’m looking forward to creating more butterflies over the next two weeks.

We’re off on holiday now so there won’t be any blog posts next week, but hopefully lots of lovely holiday photos on Instagram in the sunshine! Hope you’re all well!


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