Crafternoon Sewing Machine Embroidery


Happy August everyone! Can’t believe this year is over half way done, it’s going so fast!

I’m really enjoying the move we made back to the Midlands, although I don’t feel I have a slower pace of life yet! J and I have agreed no more booking things in, we’re going to try and leave our weekends open so we can be more spontaneous! The last four weeks have been completely manic, finished off by the start of a really important project this week at work, so I’m really looking forward to some quieter weeks ahead and the chance to do some crafting.

I feel this weekend kicked that off with a really good start, as mum and I treated ourselves to a Saturday Crafternoon with Create It Samantha. We chose the Sewing Machine Embroidery class and it was AMAZING! Samantha has worked in the industry for years and so knows all of the tricks and secrets to getting more out of your machine and crafting. I had seen sewing machine emboirdery at the Knitting and Stitching show, but had no idea where to start and also that you needed a fancy embroidery sewing machine, which is completely wrong! Samantha showed us that by tweaking your current machine and buying the right foot you can do sewing machine embroidery on even basic machines with minimal effort. So cool!



The workshop was held in the beautiful Silk Museum in Derby, with lovely views across the river, and an old silk weaving loom in the room too, how appropriate!

We started with Samantha talking us through the basics and then mum and I each having a go on the different machines. We then picked our templates and fabric and got started.



It was so much fun! The possibilities are literally endless and Samantha’s haberdashery really fuelled the imagination.



Two and a half ours was enough time for mum and I to have sewn our templates onto the main fabric and I can’t wait to finish it off. This weekend I will be thinking about my next steps and also sourcing the right open toed foot for my Husqvana machine.


Oh did I also mention, that Samantha provides tea and cake for the Crafternoon, so not only did I get to learn an amazing new skill, I also got to drink tea out of pretty china and eat amazing gluten free cake!!!

And this is my half finished piece!


I bought some sequins and rayon thread this week and will update you when it’s completely finished!


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