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Knitted Breasts Are Best?

Me as a Jedi For Star Wars Secret CinemaIt’s all been VERY busy at The Knitted Jumper HQ just recently. We’ve had house guests (the nice kind!), been to Secret Cinema, British Summer Time Festival and Women Who Code events, plus Christmas party venue shopping, workplace training, and that’s just in the last two weeks!

Needless to say the knitting has taken a bit of a back seat, and blogging activities more so, but we’re hopefully back on track now and ready to go again!

I have managed some knitting in the midst of all this fun! I am tantalisingly close to finishing the THE baby blanket, and I had also started grafting the front and back of what I have lovingly called ‘The Turd Jumper’ only to realise that back in the beginning of the pattern, I’d split the stitches for the front and back unevenly, so I now basically have to undo THE WHOLE THING!!! More on that calamity in a later post!

I have also, on the request of my friend who recently gave birth, knitted a ‘boob beanie’. These have kind of been on the periphery of my knowledge through social media, and as someone who may need to breast feed in public in the coming years, I wholeheartedly support the need for ladies to be able to feed their babies in public places without fear of condemnation, so I was quite chuffed when she asked me to knit her one! It also gave me the chance to use up more of the pink yarn, left over from the Christmas Jumper.

I found the free pattern on Ravelry. It’s by Irene Birk and is called The Breast Beanie or Boob Hat?. It was REALLY easy to knit, although I did change the pattern slightly by increasing the number of cast on stitches by 8. I thought I had worked this out properly so it fit in with the decreases, but I don’t think I counted properly, as I ended up with a funny number of stitches, and had to do a couple of K3TOG instead of K2. Overall though I was please with the outcome, and my friend was DEAD chuffed! I was surprised by the diversity of reactions it got in the office though! They ranged from giggly men who thought it was accidental that it looked like a boob (HA!!), to one girl saying it was disgusting!! I guess boobs have a long way to go in society!! Hope you’re all having a really fun summer too!

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