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Les Chapeaux des Animaux

Animal Hats


For Christmas 2013 I got this amazing knitting book called Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie which has loads of knitting patterns for different animal hats, and from that point started a year long obsession with knitting animal hats for small people!


I starteYarn For Animal Hatsd knitting the hats in June, but had actually spent much longer consulting with the small people to find out which one they wanted and also deciding the best yarns to use! In the end I used Drops Alaska and Drops Boucle for all of the hats, as this yarn is really well priced and so far I haven’t been disappointed with the quality.


The hats all use the same basic hat pattern, which knits up really quickly, and you then knit each of the cute features as per your chosen animal. The bits that took the longest were actually the pompoms and the tassles, soooo fiddly, but definitely worth it.



All of the hats were finished with cotton fleece fabric to make them nice and snuggly. I left this bit to the last minute, which was probably a bit of a mistake as I’d never used fleece before, and they all had to be hand sewn into the hats!


The buttons I got from a haberVintage buttonsdashery in Soho. These also took a surprising amount of time to find. Sorting through fiddly buttons in a crowded haberdashery was not as much fun as I thought it was going to be!





I’m sooo happy with the end results! I think the rabbits are my favourites. The boucle cheeks are really soft and I find their floppy ears irresistible! Thankfully the small people loved the hats as much as I did (although one took a while to come round!) and I’ve had lots of pictures of them wearing them which is really lovely!



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