A Trio Of Hats

2013 was the year that I finally gave knitting in the round a try, my verdict? Hmmm the jury is still out.

I bought some really beautiful Knit Pro Symfonie circular knitting needles, and whilst at the beginning it was all great, trying to then do the decreases and carry on knitting with fewer stitches was really difficult. I tried the magic loop method, but I still found it very difficult. When I researched the problem, it was suggested to use double pointed needles when you start the decreases, but as you can knit in the round with double pointed needles anyway, why would you not just do that? What’s your preferred method for knitting in the round? I think next time I will try just with double pointed needles and see how that turns out.

So what did I knit? My first effort was a hat for J. I amended this Schachenmayr pattern slightly, and used Rico Design Creative Melange Chunky in Blue-Berry (019). For my first attempt at knitting in the round and also knitting a hat I was reasonably happy, although the decreases at the top of the hat weren’t as neat as I’d have liked, and the size was also a little big.

J's hat

My second hat was meant to be for me. Again I used Rico Design Creative Melange Chunky, this time in Berry Turquoise (009). I wanted a simple hat with a turn up at the bottom. I used the same pattern as before for the sizes, but I basically ignored the pattern and did enough rows of rib stitch to create a decent turn-up, and then switched to stocking stitch.

Hippy HatWhilst I was mostly happy with my knitting efforts, when the yarn was finally knitted up, I really wasn’t keen on the colours. I had been wanting a burgundy hat, and the yarn had turned out much more turquoise, far too bright for me! All was not lost though, as this made a good early Christmas present for my step-dad, who as luck would have it, was in the market for a new hat anyway, hurrah!

The third hat is definitely my favourite. I’d had in mind, since declaring my love in a previous post for Schachenmayr’s Lova yarn,  to knit a hat for my friend. Whilst I adore the yarn I thought the style would suit my friend better, and after a quick consultation we agreed on Beige-Orange Spot 00087. For the sizing I used this Schachenmayr pattern, but again I ignored the stitches and decreases and created my own pattern. I finished it off with an orange fake fur pompom, also from Schachenmayr. My friend has the smallest head in the world, which was lucky as through my invented decreases the hat turned out smaller than I had originally intended! Still, she loved it and so did I, winners all round!

2014 LovaHatOrange5- cropped

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