Stripy Scarf With Pom Poms

After the Charity Christmas Tress, I finally got started on my niece’s Christmas present. I had decided to knit a stripy scarf with pompoms and as I couldn’t find any patterns that I liked, I decided to have another go at creating one myself. I used my new favourite yarn Rico Essential Merino Aran in Fuschia (015), Eucalyptus (041) and Ocean (029). I love this combination of colours as they’re feminine, but not too girly. My idea for the scarf, stemmed from my desire to create symmetry. I wanted the scarf to be symmetrical and I liked the idea of having a larger section so when putting the scarf on, you’d always be able to tell where the centre was, therefore getting both sides of the scarf the same length, VERY OCD!! Stripey Scarf with Pompoms When I had my ‘scarf vision’ I had thought that pompoms would be the ideal way to finish the scarf off, and whilst visually this was great, practically, it was a real pain. Firstly, I had to redo the pompoms several times, as the size wasn’t right. The first time they were HUGE and would have looked ridiculous, the second time the pompoms were too small and left the scarf looking unbalanced. Then, when I was FINALLY happy with the size, and I’d attached the pompoms to the scarf, one of them disintegrated whilst I was washing them, DISASTER!!! All of that work and tedious pompom making for nothing! Also, the pompoms had used the last of my wool (a whole ball!) and so I had to go and buy another and start all over again. This time I made the pompom a lot less dense, and actually used a cotton thread in a closely matching colour to sew into the pompom, in additional to sewing it on with the yarn. The new pompom was much less dense than the old one, so I then had to pull out threads from the old one, making sure that I pulled the threads out consistently across the pompom, so they ended up a similar size and shape. What. A. FAFF. Eventually though all was complete, and I was really happy with the results. In hindsight I think the scarf was a little too thin, so might have made added an additional increase row to add an additional 8 stitches through out the row. I also would have tackled my pompoms much more seriously!

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